How to order – Keepsakes

First – Choose your Clothing and Keepsake

Below is a guide to the amount of clothing I would need to make a Keepsake.

Large Bear made from Baby clothing – equivalent of 6-10  baby grows,  however some clients do send me more than this to incorporate as many memories as possible.

Large Bear made from School Uniform, Sports Kits   – 1 to 2 polo shirts,  1 to 2 Jumpers, a dress or a pair of trousers

Large Bear from a Wedding Dress – one dress, please note the overall price will depend upon the amount of hand sewing that may need to be done, especially with heavily embroidered items.

Large Bear made from Adults ClothingOn the whole I only need 1 to 2 decent sized adult items for a keepsake bear but many people do choose to send in several so that as many memories as possible can be incorporated. 

9 Patch Cushion – 9 items 

Single shirt/blouse Cushion – 1 item

42 patchwork cot/toddler bed quilt – 21 to 42 items

I will always try to incorporate any special detail or Logos that is on the clothing into the finished keepsake, please indicate which items are the most precious of memories to you when sending me your clothes so that I can prioritize them into the design. 

Second – Place your Order 

  1. Contact me via email – with the details of your chosen keepsake and any relevant information you think I may need to know. 
  2. I will then email you an invoice payable through Paypal and an estimated delivery time.
  3. Post or deliver the clothing to the address that will be supplied on the invoice. These items are often so precious I recommend that you send them recorded delivery or you can arrange delivery in person if you live local to Ulverston, Kendal or Wigan.
  4. Once I have received your items and payment I will make your keepsake and send it back to you as quickly as possible, generally within 4-8 weeks or 10-12 weeks if around Christmas and School Holidays.  I will email you once I have started on your keepsake and I will send you an estimated completion/delivery date.
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