Tutorial Tuesday….

I often get asked in a class, “How do I re-attach a zipper slider as I’ve pulled my off!” This was easy to rectify when we where in a ‘face to face’ class, however since going on line – not so!
 It was during my last online class, that a light bulb literally went off in my head! What if I had these videos on my You Tube Channel? !!

I know, I know I can hear you saying ‘that there are all ready lots of videos out there’, but when you’ve just pulled a zipper slidder off, on comes a blind panic when you about to start, or worse still you think you’ve just ruined all your hard work! I know as I have been there!

So its with my last class in mind that I embark (feel like I am setting sail – un charted waters and all that !) on creating ‘A Reference library’.

To support people to build their skills or even inspire them to try something new!

These Tutorials will be Totally Free as a Thank you for continued support, especially as we continue with our online classes. I know Both Myself and The Ladies at The Little Kraft Shed are truly grateful.

I will be posting the Videos on my website and letting you know when they are released via my Email Newsletter. Make sure your signed up so you don’t miss out! First one is due out 8th September!

Thank you again for your contained support.

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