Beaver Bear

Back in 2016 I attended an hours seminar at the CHSI event at Birmingham NEC, where I sat and took lots of notes as I listened to a lady called Joanne Dewberry. She was giving a talk about how to Market yourself on social media and how had she got started with her blog, her business and her first book “Crafting a Small Business”.

I immediately bought her book with a brief polite hello and goodbye, and then devoured her book that evening in my hotel. From reading her book I felt inspired that I too could make a success of what I love doing and creating.

I felt a connection with a kin-dread spirit and little did I know that two years later, after following each other on social media posts and connecting via various silly pics of our children, that she would commission me to make her daughter a bear from her old Beavers Scout Uniform, that had been tucked away in the back of a wardrobe for several years.

What Me ?? A not famous small business, lady ? Really ! WOW.. I actually felt star struck 🀩. Someone who I admire greatly on how she juggles family life, commitments and her business wants to have one of my bears !! I actually did a little happy dance!!

When the clothing arrived – thank you Mr Postie for keeping it safe – I felt a wave of emotion, these badges had been sewn onto the jumper over a period of two years and I could tell Joanne had not been a fan of sewing 😜 , it wasn’t the wine or needle prick bloody finger stains that gave it away it was her stitching πŸ˜‚! Joanne said she was embarrassed by the sewing, but to me the sewing was priceless and just as unique as her daughter. It was memories , cherished ones of a period of time that will never return, memories that my boy was also in the middle of making and would pass so fast that I wish time would just slow down so that He could be this carefree for a few more years.

So I begun, cutting into the jumper was hard , there was no room for any errors, no margin for any mis calculations. I wanted to preserve as much detail of the original sewing as possible. So I made those badges a priority and then removed and repositioned a few others so all could be included and not one would be left out … a bit of an artist licence was needed as I know how strict Scout Leaders can be about placement πŸ€ͺ

Once the hard part was over, sewing him together was the fun part as he started to take shape and develop a personality. Once completed I let him sit a while as something I felt was not quite right .. 4 days later at 3am in the morning I woke up – which is when most of my resolutions pop into my head – I’m weirded … I Know πŸ€ͺ and realised it was his neckerchief.. it was to large and bulky on him! It had to be changed. His neckerchief got scaled down and remade and hey presto he was ready to go home.

I truly hope this guy is cherished for a life time as I’m sure that the memories that were made earning those badges will be.

4 thoughts on “Beaver Bear

  1. Thank you so much for your super kind words and for creating such a beautiful bear, I cannot wait to give him to Megan x

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  2. This is amazing, what a beautiful work of art with an even more beautiful sentiment attached, you are an amazing talented lady x


    1. Thank you Sue πŸ’• I do so much love making these bears every one I make evokes a different emotional response for me. It’s such a privilege and honour to know people trust me with their sentimental clothing. πŸ’•


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