Web Site and Blog Is Live

Baby Grow quilt

After Many weeks, which actually turned into months, as working around my family commitments and the many various bugs we have all fallen ill to this winter, it has taken me a whole lot longer than I had originally planned to get my page out there in the big bad world of the internet – scary.  However I can finally now say My website is Live.  (Load cheer)  I actually did a happy dance and got the munchkins to join in !

It’s certainly been a challenge as I’ve self-taught myself with WordPress, I made a lot of mistakes along the way, which I actually don’t mind as I learn more from my mistakes, even if it is frustrating and time consuming.  I even learnt how to MAP and link my domain name into WordPress – Secretly chuffed with myself about that 🙂

So  pop on over to my site, have a look and let me know what you think, what works and what doesn’t or even just drop me a comment if you’d like some help with WordPress yourself as I am more than happy to help any newbies out there.


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